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A 21 Day Journey of Prayer

January 6-26th

For the majority of the month of January we will spend time focused on connecting with the Lord.

Join us as we set aside this time to pray and fast for God's guidance and strength this year.


Weekly Prayer Emphasis: 

Week 1: Holiness & Repentance

Week 2: Grace & Forgiveness

Week 3: Salvation & Revival 

download the 21 day journal to your device

Join us for 4 nights of encounter!  Each night we

will have a time of worship followed by a dynamic message and then an opportunity to connect with

the Lord!

Sunday night Reeves Wilder will minister. A Birmingham native, Reeves and his family recently moved to Knoxville, TN to plant Hope Valley Church. 

Monday night Allen Kendrick will minister. From right here in Chelsea, AL Allen and his family now live in

SC planting Vivid Church. 

Tuesday and Wednesday night Joe Phillips will minister. From right outside of Charlotte, NC Joe is an international evangelist sharing the gospel through humor, multimedia, and spiritual fervor!