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The day the church broke the internet

I have some interesting news to report to you today. Due to the influx of online church services this past Sunday, Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, and Boxcast (streaming service) all struggled to keep up and in one way or another failed to meet the demand of the number of users watching and the number of churches streaming!  

In other words, the church broke the internet!  The good news is that even now those companies are preparing for next Sunday.  

That being said we did experience some of those technical difficulties.  We also have some members of our church who are not on facebook which limits their ability to watch the service live with us.  

Because of these two main factors we will be moving our livestream to a dedicated service provided by a church company for churches! Sunday, you can find us at  

This new site offers the same engagement with one another along with some additional opportunities that we don't have on Facebook!  You can click on the link ahead of time to set up an account with them if you want.  But you don't even have to do that! You can just go there Sunday and watch!  Invite your friends to come and participate in the service along with us!  We believe this will be a very positive move for us moving forward!  

If you forget, we'll post reminders on social media this week with links to this new site!  

Moving forward, we will continue to meet online until the government eases their social distancing recommendations.  The original timeframe was two weeks and we are continuing to watch and listen to see what the next steps will be. Please pray for our national leadership as they navigate our country through this moment.  

We are diligently seeking and creating new and genuine ways for us to "gather" during this time!  Thank you for joining with us!  Although we weren't together in person, Sunday was exciting to join together online!  I love you and I'm praying for you daily!  If you need anything don't hesitate to reach out!  

Grace and peace, 

Matt Britt

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