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Welcome Back!

This Sunday we will reopen our doors for public gatherings!  As I'm sure you are aware Gov. Ivey made some adjustments effective Monday, May 11th that enables us to meet again.  However, our decision to reopen was not rushed or flippant. In order to protect you from this virus we will have guidelines in place for hygiene, sanitization, and social distancing listed below.  

We encourage you to take full advantage of face masks and gloves as you enter and exit the building.  Once you are seated I believe it will be fine for you to take off your mask and enjoy the service.  

We are also encouraging the high risk population (over 60 yrs. old and/or underlying health issues) to stay home and connect with us at our online campus.  

We will continue to offer our services online however we cannot run them simultaneously with our service. Therefore our online campus will meet at 6PM on Sunday evenings.  

Take time to familiarize yourself with our guidelines for church this Sunday. We can't wait to see your faces!

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